"Kevin’s imaginative ways of doing things energizes people and teams with excellent outcomes and consistent project success....

He brings original and inventive thinking to complex large, small, and diverse health care projects. His team investigates new ideas, facts, or data for project designs and assignments that others describe as innovative. The company’s consensus approach gives each project member ample opportunity to do what they do well."  

Kathleen Donneson

DPA, Former Chief, Health Plan Administration, California Public Employees Retirement System

"The entire Equanim team brought a wide range of experiences, knowledge, and high degree of professionalism to our project....

Over the course of several years, Equanim has been instrumental in helping navigate the CA Department of Technology project approval lifecycle (PAL) process; collaborating with the CA Health and Human Services Agency; and working with the Department of Finance. The team made it easy to successfully address project related roadblocks. Kevin provides guidance and mentorship to State staff, creating a positive and fun work experience."

Emily Gerber

Department of Developmental Service, Business Relationship Manager

"Kevin Brown and his team of Equanim consultants are among the best IT and project management experts in the Sacramento region. 

They have used their superior management skills, deep knowledge of state and local governments, and decades of experience to help a wide variety of organizations complete successful projects. If I were to manage a large and complex project, I would want Equanim to be there with me."

Mark Adamic

President, Sacramento Project Management

"Kevin provided leadership and direction helping me to get quickly up to speed on the CalPERS projects. 

His vast experience was a springboard that allowed us to exceed client expectations. He is a mentor that I consider a privilege to work with."

Maria Mallett

Senior at Blue Shield of California